Smile Design

The smile design is the name given to the design of the patient's teeth, mouth and face to be aesthetically matched to the best smile. The smile design includes different applications for each patient. For the best smile, the process is determined and the road map is drawn and put into practice.

When designing the smile, it is necessary to evaluate the patient's teeth with the whole face region. In order to achieve this, we are also conducting transactions under certain headings. We provide the esthetic mouth and smile in every individual by designing the relations of tooth, gums and lips with each other according to the facial structure and character of the person. It should not be forgotten that smile design practices differ in each individual.


Nowadays, everyone attaches more importance to his / her smile, especially if we are working on smile design.

  • Porcelain Laminate Veners
  • Zirconium Teeth or Solid Zircons
  • Aesthetic Fillers
  • Composite Fillers
  • Porcelain Fillers
  • Aesthetic Laminate Porcelain Est

Aesthetic Laminate Porcelain, porcelain leaflets prepared in state-of-the-art labs, glued to the teeth without cutting teeth or roughening up to 0.3 mm. The fact that they are too thin, that they do not contain metal, and the passage of the incoming light, cause them not to be distinguished from the natural teeth.


Zirconium, which is designed and processed with computer aided design, has high durability with its transparency and aesthetic appearance.

All these procedures require a small amount of intervention on the teeth, and a separate option is the aesthetic filling process for a patient who wants to avoid such interventions.

Our patient, a 26 years old young woman, fractured as a result of female trauma 11, had tooth abscess at the root end, was groomed by laser assisted channel treatment with laser-aided treatment and then zirconium porcelain restoration was completed and her treatment was completed. The fill of tooth 21 was renewed and an aesthetic smile was provided.


The symmetry of the gums and the appearance of the gums in the smile design are important for the individual. When we laugh, the boundary of teeth and gums should not appear. It is not aesthetic for the individual to see more gums than should be. This problem can be easily corrected by a simple surgical procedure. Nowadays, these procedures, which are made with laser support, provide great comfort to the patient because of both the bleeding and the painless.


In the case of a person with a regular teeth, the problem is only the lack of teeth in a visible area and the best solution is implant dental treatment. Both the other teeth are not intervened and our bone in the toothed region is also protected. All this together with the patient provides an aesthetic smile.

In the case of multiple tooth deficiencies, the number of dental implants increases and the patient is offered a choice of fixed or fixed prosthesis. The option of a fixed or fixed prosthesis that best matches the patient's face gives results that will make the person smile.


Laughing design prices are not fixed. As the methods to be applied for each patient may change, the price varies accordingly. For example, if the patient has a lack of teeth, the implant is made, the need for a prosthesis may arise, or only zirconium coating may be required. This can be determined completely after the controls of our esthetic dentists.