Canal Treatment

As a result of the damage to the teeth of the teeth as a result of the loss of the nerves in the teeth of the grooves of the teeth to be cleaned, disinfected or filled with filling process is called canal treatment.

Smile Design

The smile design is the name given to the design of the patient's teeth, mouth and face to be aesthetically matched to the best smile.

Digital Dentistry

Digital dentistry is the current technology that can be used to get digital measurements directly from the patient's mouth with the support of computer, scanning and restoration accordingly. It has brought great comfort.

Implant Treatment

Materials that can replace missing tooth roots are called implants. It is used to support implants, crowns, bridges or prostheses. They are surgically placed in the jawbone.

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About Dentasel

Our clinic was founded by Koksal Seller a freelance dentist in 1994. Our clinic, which started out policlinic activity after 10 years of practice, started to branch out in 2010. In 2018, we have gathered under a single roof to provide better service to our patients.

Our Services

Periodontal diseases are responsible for 70% of tooth loss in adults.

Materials that can replace missing tooth roots are called implants. It is used to support implants, crowns, bridges or prostheses.

Digital dentistry consists of digital scanning, design and production.

Evaluation of the shape of the smile, which includes detailed aesthetic analysis, evaluating the relationship between a number of aesthetic criteria such as lips, gums and teeth separately and with each other.

In the jaws, the irrationality of the teeth makes families very uncomfortable. Aesthetic and functional aspects must also be treated.

Root canal treatment is the dental treatment for the problems of the tooth.

Teeth whitening by Bleaching method is a dental whitening method applied by dentist in clinical setting.

Our Dentists

In our clinic which offers advanced diagnosis and treatment services in every area of dentistry, meet our assistants in every subject.

Doç. Dr. Ufuk SEZER


Dt. Köksal SELLER

Dentist / Clinic Owner

Dr. Rezarta BERISHA


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Happy Stories

“I come from Germany. I'm not happy with my teeth. When I searched the internet about my dental problem, I saw the site of Dentasel and came. I've seen smile design treatment and I'm sure I'm here. I was very pleased with the result. Thank you very much to my doctors and staff. You've all been in my heart separately. Thank you for everything."

Ayşe Kara

I've never liked dental clinics, but this place is really different. I came for the root canal treatment. Everyone is very friendly and interested. You are lucky to have such a positive and motivated team. Thank you very much for everything, and I wish you keep your quality.

Melih Tunç