Digital Dentistry

Digital dentistry is the current technology that can be used to get digital measurements directly from the patient's mouth with the support of computer, scanning and restoration accordingly. It is the biggest advantage of these systems both for the patient and the physician to complete the treatment as much as a single session and to be more aesthetic.

With globalization, technology and speed are entering our lives more and more. In this sense, dentistry is becoming more and more digital. This digitalization process allows us to offer quick and comfortable treatments to our patients in less time. Cerec is a ceramic structure; is a CAD / CAM system used in dentistry. So the computer with the help of the design and production of teeth. Cerec applications is a state-of-the-art dentistry application that allows you to make porcelain restorations in a single session using computer technology without classical impression materials. Porcelain crowns and bridges, lamina, onley and inlay fillings prepared to be done with a three-dimensional optical measurement camera is transferred to the computer environment. The computer unit consists of three units, the display unit and the milling machine.

We serve with Cerec System as Dentasel 

The Cerec System was developed at the University of Zurich and has been successfully involved in the practice since 1985. More than 25,000 clinics and practices work in 50 countries across the globe. As Dentasel we are also providing this service.

Advantages of digital dentistry applications:

  • The number of sessions where the patients sit on the sofa is minimized and patients have teeth in the form they want in a single session without provocation.
  • Since the treatment process takes place in computer environment, error-free results are obtained.
  • After the implant treatments, the patients' aesthetic concerns are eliminated.
  • Traditional measurement materials are not used for patients with a high nausea reflex provides comfortable treatment.
  • Patients can select the teeth that will fit in the existing catalogs and be aware of the design before the treatment.
  • For patients living outside the city and abroad, it is possible to cover the entire mouth in three days.