06 January 2021, Wednesday / Published in Dentistry
What is Digital Dentistry? Digital dentistry is a system that allows the design and production of computer aided procedures by traditional methods in dentistry. What are the advantages of digital dentistry? There are many advantages to getting support from computer technology instead of traditional methods in dentistry. The processing time is considerably shorter. The measurement
02 February 2019, Saturday / Published in Dentistry
Implant treatment is not as painful as it is thought. The patient does not feel pain, pain because of being done under local anesthesia. Moreover, a tooth is completed in 3-4 minutes. Do not neglect your oral and dental health and implant your missing teeth. 10 most asked questions and answers about implant treatment: 1-
30 December 2018, Sunday / Published in Dentistry
With the emergence of permanent teeth, the dental braces applied for the problems in the teeth such as tightness, distortion, dislocation and jaws give successful results with the right plan. Braces treatment is another method known as orthodontics, which is used for dental and facial aesthetics. In this method, which is performed for the teeth